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GOOD CLEAN GREENS - Tropical Blend - 150g

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GOOD CLEAN GREENS is vitality boosting superfood made from 6 different greens for all-around performance, energy and immunity.
How to enjoy: 10g of GOOD CLEAN GREEN + 200ml WATER or add to your morning GOOD SHAPE PROTEIN.
100% Australian Made
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Greens (Wheatgrass, Broccoli Sprout, Barely Grass, Spirulina, Kale, Chlorella), Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Minerals (Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Gluconate, Selenium), Monk Fruit, Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Echinacea Extract, Acerola Cherry Extract, Shiitake Mushroom Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Siberian Ginseng Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Red Algae, Digestive Enzymes (Papain, Bromelain), Ginger Extract, Anti-caking agent (Silicon Dioxide), Vitamins (E, D, B6, B12).

Nutritional Information:

Servings per package: 15 | Serving size: 10 g

Avg. qty. per serve Avg. qty. per 100g
Energy 126 kJ 1260 kJ
Protein, total 1.5 g 14.9 g
 - gluten 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Fat, total 0.1 g 0.6 g
 - saturated 0.0 g 0.4 g
Carbohydrate 5.2 g 51.8 g
 - sugars 1.4 g 13.7 g
Dietary Fibre 1.2 g 12.3 g
Sodium 14 mg 140 mg
Potassium 370 mg 3700 mg
Calcium 220 mg (28% RDI1) 2200 mg
Chromium 24 µg (12% RDI1) 244 µg
Iron 1.6 mg (13% RDI1) 16 mg
Magnesium 150 mg (47% RDI1) 1500 mg
Manganese 0.6 mg (12% RDI1) 6.2 mg
Selenium 7.0 µg (10% RDI1) 70 µg
Zinc 5.7 mg (48% RDI1) 57 mg
Vitamin C 40 mg (100% RDI1) 400 mg
Vitamin D 1.2 µg (12% RDI1) 12 µg

(1) Recommended Dietary Intake

FAQ | Good Clean Greens

Any one of the six greens in Good Clean Greens can be considered a superfood, since they each pack an unusually high level of nutrients per calorie. But we don’t stop at six. 

VORA Good Clean Greens contains a host of other beneficial superfoods, including the following:


Echinacea is a common plant that has been used in herbal medicine for centuries and has become popular for its use in preventing and treating the common cold.

Acerola Cherry

Acerola cherry, also known as Barbados cherry, is a small fruit that has been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years. It's rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and potassium.

Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake mushroom is a type of mushroom that's been used for thousands of years in Asian countries, but it's only recently become popular in the West. It’s believed to help the body's immune system.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a plant that has been used for centuries to support liver health. It contains silymarin, which has been shown to protect the liver from damage and encourage regeneration of healthy cells.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng is a root that was first discovered in Siberia. It's also called eleuthero and contains active compounds known as eleutherosides, which are thought to help with physical endurance, stress and fatigue.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. It's often taken to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also boost your immune system and increase energy levels.

Red Algae 

In addition to numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, red algae is a natural source of astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant that may help reduce inflammation in the body and lower your risk of heart disease.

Greens powders are great for supplementing your diet, but they're not meant to replace the real thing. Still, if you're looking to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals, on top of an otherwise healthy diet, try adding a greens powder like Good Clean Greens to your daily routine.

VORA Good for your body...

No fillers, no nonsense. Only the highest quality ingredients we'd give to our family and friends. We refuse to cut corners or compromise.

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